I see thingies and I think that they might see me.

Apologies for the line quality. It is difficult for me to draw with my eyes closed.

Soon the summer shall sink sadly once again into the silent sea.
Whistles blow. Pools close.

Perhaps there’s still time for a c’thannon ball
before the stars leave us wanting.

!IA! !IA! !MARCO!?… Poolthulhu

I’m Fluke Skyswimmer.

I’m here to rescue you!

Bonus material: A narwhal’s tusk is actually its left canine tooth.

or if you prefer… Reinemachefrau

Hopefully you have seen Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

Skynet’s on a budget these days.

has a delightful sense of mischief.

but he’s in no hurry.
Whenever you have a moment, really.
Perhaps this afternoon over a nice cuppa?

I have been informed that my vacation has been replaced by a robot.

I can download logs of the events.

When it’s dark and there is the presence of evil…

this nightlight is consumed with hellfire!

We put it in the kid’s room.


Don’t Let the Pigeon Resonate His Pineal Gland.

It always ends in screaming.

Apologies to Mo Willems and Dr. Pretorius.

From Beyond!

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