I think they know

what happens next.


Ripped from the headlines of current recipes.

in the doll house of my skull.

This was a birthday card for a friend who is an agent of the real estate.

Best get them whilst you can.

His seasons are numbered.

Fortunately, I have been taking bearnadryl.

Laborers can accomplish anything

if the conditions are right.

Bad conjugation of a nounĀ is yet another modern source of bird kill.

It’s also one of the less celebrated signs that it’s still summer.

I see thingies and I think that they might see me.

Apologies for the line quality. It is difficult for me to draw with my eyes closed.

Soon the summer shall sink sadly once again into the silent sea.
Whistles blow. Pools close.

Perhaps there’s still time for a c’thannon ball
before the stars leave us wanting.

!IA! !IA! !MARCO!?… Poolthulhu

I’m Fluke Skyswimmer.

I’m here to rescue you!

Bonus material: A narwhal’s tusk is actually its left canine tooth.

or if you prefer… Reinemachefrau

Hopefully you have seen Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

From Beyond!

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