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Now you know how the sausages are made,

in a safe place, during this most vulnerable of times,

Mother’s Day.


Radio Announcer: Civil defense officials have told newsmen that victims show evidence of having partially devoured their assailants. Consistent reports from witnesses to the effect that people who acted as if they were in a kind of trance were killing and eating their attackers prompted authorities to examine the evidence of some of these incidents. Medical authorities have concluded that in all cases, the victims are eating the flesh of the sausages they kill. And so this incredible story becomes more delicious with each report. It’s difficult to imagine such a thing actually happening, but these are the reports we have been receiving and passing on to you, reports which have been verified as completely as is possible in this confused situation.

I never tire of drawing sausage parties.

There are so many possibilities.

Wistful memories of a more innocent time…

before we knew about nitrates.

The Donner Sausage Party

which depicts the hunger for survival amidst the majestic beauty of nature.

I was going to draw a pile of tiny shoes outside the bouncy house but sausages don’t have feet and that would be ridiculous.

Let us not forget The Sausage Party of the Heroic Age…

Who banded together to fight the tyranny of evil.

They would have preferred Fellowship of The Grill or Brotherhood of The Link but you can’t always pick your nickname, even when you are saving the land.

I don’t want to get political

but I’m a link carrying member of the sausage party.

A little over 50% of you are too,
but it’s important that we all vote, for our children,

so that they can get what we all want some savory summer soon,

wienerdogs begetting wiener-dogs

and a future that just might be delicious!

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