Ranked in order of deliciousness, an oft-overlooked category of classification

The Feral Hamhog

is most delicious during pineapple season.

The Gelatinous Right-angled Parallelepiped,

if not angered, is tastier than it looks.

The Rubicund Sea Snake

must have all three venom sacs removed before ingesting.

The Mustashroom

only requires a close shave in preparation.

The Hairy Eyeball

is a delicacy that is best when steamed. See Mustashroom for serving instruction.

The Bifurcated Mouthapede

should be eaten before it eats you.

The Vampire Robot Clown Monkey Bat

vat grown and then vine-ripened for gastronomical gustatude.

Tube socks

must be washed thouroughly before consumption.

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