The area was named in the mid 19th century for its most famous crime. The head of a baby was left on a stick at the highest point in the territory. Some say the Indians did it to scare the settlers. Others say a few corrupt land owners committed the crime to scare the settlers. The settlers, while almost certainly scared, responded by naming everything it could in commemoration of their amazing event: Babyhead Mountain, Babyhead Creek, Baby Head Farms, the town Baby Head and the now only remaining reminder of the Baby Head community, Baby Head Cemetery.

It quietly haunts one of the many ghost towns in the area.
You can see Mt. Babyhead there in the background.
•Latitude: 30.892674
•Longitude: -98.666983
•Peak Elevation: 1,617 feet (492.86 m)

The region still retains a taint of babiness in everything it does.

Which is mainly cutting-edge research in spider technology for semi-secret bio tech firms that house facilities in the area. There are many tax incentives here to lure the newest laboratories in this burgeoning industry.

They still use the old baby head trick to scare the settlers but now with added SCIENCE!

You will want to take a flashlight when you walk around at night.
Which I advise strongly against.

There are other lingering effects.

The feral cats between Cherokee and Llano have some unusual characteristics.