I’m a ghoul, I’m a ghoul, I’m a ghoul!
You could be one too.
Wouldn’t it be cool
to have rubbery flesh
and venomous drool?

We’d live off the dead.
It’s easy to stay fed.
Although sometimes, instead
when it’s cold and we’re bold
we’ll eat that pet in the shed.

They’ll come from their porches
and chase us with torches
so we RUN, but it’s FUN
because we’re ghouls.

This post goes out to all those glamorous ghouls that came before me…

Gaius Ghoulius Caesar

Gul Brynner

Ghoulia Child

Elliott Ghould

Ghoulio Iglesias


and, of course, Dame Ghoulie Elizabeth Andrews

Without their leadership and inspiration the ghoul community would not be thriving today.